Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Life at BYU-I... thus far.

So, I've been at BYU Idaho for 7 months now... impressive, huh?! I happen to think so. So while being here, I've learned quite a few things such as;
  1. Rexburg's wind NEVER calms down, so if walking for an extended amount of time, DO NOT do your hair.
  2. The people here are nice, but always stick with a roommate or friend to get you away from the overly nice people.
  3. Cooking for yourself every night is nearly impossible. I'm lucky if I make myself 1 good meal a week... mom, don't judge me, you have taught me well, I'm just simply too lazy to execute the skills you've installed in me. 
  4. Roommates are fun 80% of the time, but enough is enough at a certain point in time, and 7 months is long enough,  I'm ready for something new.
  5. My ward will never be as good as it is now.
  6. Anatomy & Physiology is nearly impossible to ace.
  7. The winters aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Sure we get FEET of snow, but it's usually ALWAYS at night, or something, so it's not like you're walking in a blizzard to class.
  8. CLASSES in the morning in the fall/winter are an AWFUL idea... especially if you're car-less.
  9. My family is AMAZING. Especially my mom & dad who listens to my sob's when I am too cold to walk home at night, my birthday isn't anywhere near how it was at home, or I can't take being in this lame town sometimes.
  10. Making friends doesn't replace the ones you already have. It nearly makes me miss them even more...
  11. At least one person a day either gets engaged, posts pictures of their engagements, puts up pictures from their wedding, or books a temple date... it's insane, ridiculous, BIZARRE.
This is just a little list off the top of my head. All and all, college at BYU-i is definitely a different experience than I ever pictured college being like... but I love it and wouldn't ever consider going anywhere else, unless... they move it to... I don't know... somewhere WARM?! In which case, I would not complain... Just a thought.

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