Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i. LOVE. california.

So, were back from California. Needless to say, we had a BLAST...
The Hansen Family is AWESOME. they're so fun and i enjoyed my stay with them!
Hillary is an AWESOME tour guide, and took me anywhere and everywhere,
to see anything i couldve ever wanted to see in the state of California!

Our week went as follows:

Saturday April 9: Leave Rexburg & start 13 hour drive.

Sunday April 10: church, SINGLES WARD to be exact... obvi.

Monday April 11: Jelly Belly factory!

Tuesday April 12: Sacramento
Wednesday April 13: SANFRANCISCO
AND the Giants/ Dodgers game :)
Thursday April 14: Oakland Temple = LOVE.
AND Two Door Cinema Club Concert with Kelsey!
(hillary's friend from home)
 Friday April 15: Santa Cruz Beach
AND we got to meet up with Aubrey & Kolton for the night! I definitely missed them.
Ignore the sunburn, no makeup, and gross hair... i was in a little pain... haha

Saturday was our chill day, then Sunday was the drive back...
over the span of that week... we took 100 pictures. insane, right? no. that was NOTHING.
we could have taken at least 50 more but oh well, im content with the current amount.

visiting california just makes me want to live somewhere, ANYWHERE other than Rexburg.
not that it's THAT bad, but i just appreciate the warm, sunny, enjoyable climate so much more...
who knows, maybe one day I'll find a boy from California to marry?
that way i could at least be in the same state as my sister.
but thats all just wishful thinking! haha, no marriage bells coming my way ANY time soon.

ANYWAYS, that was my week in as little pictures/words as possible. 
hope it will suffice! :) 
good thing ill be back in the warmth in 2 days!! GEORGIA is next on my list! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


soooo... it's currently snowing in Rexburg, yes, snowing... on MARCH 26.
I'm not a happy camper to say the least.
Back home, we literally have 3 months of "cold weather", I wouldn't even consider it Winter... 
Unfortunately, here it's the complete opposite.
BUT, I have been blessed with an AWESOME friend who just so happens to be from California.
(be warned, the word California will be in this blog A LOT tonight)
Meet Hillary -aka- AWESOME friend from California.
She will be my roommate next semester, and because of how nice she is, 
she invited ME to spend a week at her house in CALIFORNIA.

This fun filled week will start on April 9 :)
my first "road trip", 13 hour drive, 3 friends (Hillary, her brother Dana, and myself),
and California sunshine.

I've been once, not the funnest experience.
We went to Monterey & to my sisters house in Visialia. I was young, and it was cold.
The only good thing was having extended family with me, that's always fun.
aaaaaannnnnnyyyyywho, I do have a few reasons for my bitterness.
 Problem 1: When you say, "California" I think sunshine, beaches, hot boys, & getting TAN.
Problem 2: I was YOUNG, I compained ALOT.... feel bad now, sorry mom. :(
Problem 3: I don't remember a lot of it, sooooo i can pretty much claim ive never been.
needless to say, i am more than excited, i'm FREAKING OUT!!!!
so, in less than 2 weeks, this girl will be in California with Hillary, and Dana.
to add to my excitement... Hillary ALSO got me hooked on the  OC...
you know, that fun little teen age drama.
the Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer, Taylor (ughhh i hated taylor) 
drama was all too easy to obsess over
and I did... obsess over it. watched the first 2 seasons in a week.
im kinda ashamed of this stat, but then again, im not... it was a good series.
Have a few itunes playlists dedicated to the OC... nbd.

A combination of the OC obsession, the lack of warm weather, and being SICK of Rexburg
has me more than willing to say...
CALIFORNIA couldnt come ANY sooner!

whoop whoop :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

school WILL be the death of me.

So, I'm supposed to be studying for my Anatomy & Physiology muscles test right now. But how is that even possible? I don't know where to begin reviewing... We've been working on the muscles for 3 weeks, and are already being tested on it. This test is on 1. EVERY muscle in the body 2. its origin 3. its insertion AND 4. its movement...

oh, its NOT multiple choice, and spelling counts. Get more than two letters wrong, and you get the whole answer wrong. Did I mention well be tested on cadavers (real life, DEAD bodies)? I mean, WHO are we kidding here?! Gahhhh, I now have a new found respect for all nurses, doctors, and anyone else who had to take Anat&Phys to complete their schooling. On a positive note, it's BEAUTIFUL outside... which just makes me want to put off studying even more than I currently am.

Who knew growing up would be so difficult?... personally, I never listened to my high school teachers saying "college is going to be a rude awakening" but I think that's EVERY high school student... So, tell me people, HOW THE HECK DID YOU ALL DO IT?!?!... Maybe changing my major from nursing to something else would relieve my stress level a little bit? Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Life at BYU-I... thus far.

So, I've been at BYU Idaho for 7 months now... impressive, huh?! I happen to think so. So while being here, I've learned quite a few things such as;
  1. Rexburg's wind NEVER calms down, so if walking for an extended amount of time, DO NOT do your hair.
  2. The people here are nice, but always stick with a roommate or friend to get you away from the overly nice people.
  3. Cooking for yourself every night is nearly impossible. I'm lucky if I make myself 1 good meal a week... mom, don't judge me, you have taught me well, I'm just simply too lazy to execute the skills you've installed in me. 
  4. Roommates are fun 80% of the time, but enough is enough at a certain point in time, and 7 months is long enough,  I'm ready for something new.
  5. My ward will never be as good as it is now.
  6. Anatomy & Physiology is nearly impossible to ace.
  7. The winters aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Sure we get FEET of snow, but it's usually ALWAYS at night, or something, so it's not like you're walking in a blizzard to class.
  8. CLASSES in the morning in the fall/winter are an AWFUL idea... especially if you're car-less.
  9. My family is AMAZING. Especially my mom & dad who listens to my sob's when I am too cold to walk home at night, my birthday isn't anywhere near how it was at home, or I can't take being in this lame town sometimes.
  10. Making friends doesn't replace the ones you already have. It nearly makes me miss them even more...
  11. At least one person a day either gets engaged, posts pictures of their engagements, puts up pictures from their wedding, or books a temple date... it's insane, ridiculous, BIZARRE.
This is just a little list off the top of my head. All and all, college at BYU-i is definitely a different experience than I ever pictured college being like... but I love it and wouldn't ever consider going anywhere else, unless... they move it to... I don't know... somewhere WARM?! In which case, I would not complain... Just a thought.