Thursday, March 17, 2011

school WILL be the death of me.

So, I'm supposed to be studying for my Anatomy & Physiology muscles test right now. But how is that even possible? I don't know where to begin reviewing... We've been working on the muscles for 3 weeks, and are already being tested on it. This test is on 1. EVERY muscle in the body 2. its origin 3. its insertion AND 4. its movement...

oh, its NOT multiple choice, and spelling counts. Get more than two letters wrong, and you get the whole answer wrong. Did I mention well be tested on cadavers (real life, DEAD bodies)? I mean, WHO are we kidding here?! Gahhhh, I now have a new found respect for all nurses, doctors, and anyone else who had to take Anat&Phys to complete their schooling. On a positive note, it's BEAUTIFUL outside... which just makes me want to put off studying even more than I currently am.

Who knew growing up would be so difficult?... personally, I never listened to my high school teachers saying "college is going to be a rude awakening" but I think that's EVERY high school student... So, tell me people, HOW THE HECK DID YOU ALL DO IT?!?!... Maybe changing my major from nursing to something else would relieve my stress level a little bit? Decisions, decisions.

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