Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i. LOVE. california.

So, were back from California. Needless to say, we had a BLAST...
The Hansen Family is AWESOME. they're so fun and i enjoyed my stay with them!
Hillary is an AWESOME tour guide, and took me anywhere and everywhere,
to see anything i couldve ever wanted to see in the state of California!

Our week went as follows:

Saturday April 9: Leave Rexburg & start 13 hour drive.

Sunday April 10: church, SINGLES WARD to be exact... obvi.

Monday April 11: Jelly Belly factory!

Tuesday April 12: Sacramento
Wednesday April 13: SANFRANCISCO
AND the Giants/ Dodgers game :)
Thursday April 14: Oakland Temple = LOVE.
AND Two Door Cinema Club Concert with Kelsey!
(hillary's friend from home)
 Friday April 15: Santa Cruz Beach
AND we got to meet up with Aubrey & Kolton for the night! I definitely missed them.
Ignore the sunburn, no makeup, and gross hair... i was in a little pain... haha

Saturday was our chill day, then Sunday was the drive back...
over the span of that week... we took 100 pictures. insane, right? no. that was NOTHING.
we could have taken at least 50 more but oh well, im content with the current amount.

visiting california just makes me want to live somewhere, ANYWHERE other than Rexburg.
not that it's THAT bad, but i just appreciate the warm, sunny, enjoyable climate so much more...
who knows, maybe one day I'll find a boy from California to marry?
that way i could at least be in the same state as my sister.
but thats all just wishful thinking! haha, no marriage bells coming my way ANY time soon.

ANYWAYS, that was my week in as little pictures/words as possible. 
hope it will suffice! :) 
good thing ill be back in the warmth in 2 days!! GEORGIA is next on my list! :)

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